Cork Essential Tote


Your wardrobe walks a fine line. You’re constantly on the go and value comfort, practicality, and the kind of items that wear like iron. That means you have to choose right the first time – fast fashion just isn’t your jam. But you’re also the kind of gal who shouts out personality with every step. Bold, creative, and always on the lookout for that special piece that is undeniably you. Bonus points if it’s ethically produced and crazy cool. The cork essential tote is right up your alley. My all-natural cork leather is dried, steamed for elasticity, pressed into blocks, and then sliced into sheets of super sustainable, high-quality material to make this line of vegan accessories. The essential tote is squishably soft and the pliable material fits comfortably close. Perfect for navigating busy streets. The magnetic closure keeps your stuff secure and the wide, sturdy straps are so comfy that you might forget it’s there.

A little FYI: Vegan cork leather backed with fabric for stability. Sustainably made in the USA. 16”x3”x16”

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