Cork: Circle Tote


“Oh. My. God.” That’s the sound of your friends squealing in delight when they peep my cork leather circle tote hanging on your arm. Or draped over your shoulder. Or folded into an easy-to-carry clutch that’s roomy enough to hold all your essentials for a night on the town. This convertible clutch is vibrant, versatile, and hand-printed with the graphic Eads designs that you just can’t get enough of. My all-natural cork leather is dried, steamed for elasticity, pressed into blocks, and then sliced into sheets of super sustainable, high-quality material to make this line of vegan leather accessories. Reinforced seams mean this built-to-last triple threat will never let you down. Cork leather is elegant, pliable, and insanely durable. But let’s be honest. You really want it because it just looks so darn good. Make ‘em jealous.

You should probably know: Vegan cork leather backed with fabric for stability. Sustainably made in the USA. 15”x3”x18”

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