Center for Creative Works Weekender


Made in collaboration with Center for Creative Works artists and only available for a limited time.

All fabric was hand painted and/or screen printed, then cut and sewn in Philadelphia to create one-of-a-kind products.

Allies in Art is a project developed to created opportunities for the artists of Center for Creative Works to work alongside and in collaboration with their peers in the greater Philadelphia arts community. Over the course of eight week intensives, CCW artists traveled to the studio of a local artist to take part in a project of a professional artist in the process. At the same time, local artists have the opportunity to meed and inspiring new group of makers and engage with them through collaborative learning processes. AiA creates an invaluable opportunity for CCW artists to expand their creative circle and broaden their range of influence and engagement in the local creative community.

50% of sales goes directly to the CCW artist

20% helps fund future Artist in Allies projects

30% helps produce the products.

More about the artists:

"I like what I am drawing and I think it looks cool. I draw hearts because they are a sign of love. Sometimes I draw a portrait of me. I like showing my drawings to people because I made them by hand, and I feel proud of myself that I've made lots of progress. I have confidence that I can do it."

Lydia has developed a distinctive style of methodical, densely layered mark, which she uses to create compositions that feature bold color combinations. In addition to her signature heart patterns, she is famous for her tongue-in-cheek depictions of friends and family members as cats. In the past year, she has developed her cat designs into ceramic and wooden pins and magnets, which she sells at Center for Creative Works open houses and local fairs. In 2016 she began a collaboration with Tim Eads to create a series of custom canvas bags, currently sold at Stadler-Kahn in Rittenhouse Square. Lydia has a blue belt in karate, and lives with her family in Wynnewood, PA.
"I don't really have an idea of something I'm drawing, I just make things up in my mind. I think they're cool -- red and black and blue, squares and circles. I want people to see things flying, to feel like they are outside, to say how they like my drawings, to feel happy. I make art for all of my friends, and my girlfriend."
With abstract, brightly colored geometric shapes that evoke aliens, cell structures, and machines, Jacob creates singularly focused compositions with a distinctively design-oriented sensibility. His work has been commissioned for Southwest Philadelphia's The Health Annex, and exhibited at the Free Library of Philadelphia. In December 2017 Jacob's large-scale paintings on wood will be featured in "It's Tuesday All Day Today," a group exhibition at High Tide Gallery in Philadelphia.
Jacob lives in Plymouth Meeting, PA.
"Make a picture in your mind of who you want to come to your house and to your dining room. It's like Thanksgiving, you're sitting at a table, and you can imagine who you want to come to your house and have dinner. A few of my family, Maurice Benard, my cousin Sally Jeffries, Carmine on Laverne and Shirley. Picasso. Van Gogh. My inspiration comes from books, shapes, my religion, and celebrities. My favorite material is colored pencils because none of the colors are alike, it feels like butter, with brighter colors. I like to blend because I get more colors that way. It feels great, wonderful, to make artwork, warm and happy feelings. So... magic. Magical. I like response to my paintings, from anybody, that feels really good."
Mary T. Bevlock was born on July 30th 1968 in Bryn Mawr, PA. She began making artwork at the Center for Creative Works in 2010, when she started drawing portraits of her favorite celebrities. Bevlock is passionate about advancing herself as an artist, and her work continues to grow in innovative ways as she seeks to develop skills with new materials. Her passion for color inspires an unexpected and innovative palette, and her detail-oriented mark-making articulates bold, sensitive line. Mary's work has been exhibited at the Crawford Gallery in Cork, Ireland, Haverford College, the Philadelphia Foundation, and the Grounds for Sculpture in Trenton, NJ. In December 2018 she will debut at the Outsider Art Fair in New York City.

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