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Tim Eads is all about creating apparel and accessories that reflect the values of modern life. Our team cares about the environment and we care about people. That’s why every one of our bags is sustainably produced in a low-waste facility where we put every scrap of fabric to use.

Our talented artisans use non-toxic, water-based inks to screen print 100% cotton or cork leather with Tim’s bold, vibrant works of art. Our inks are commonly used for outdoor upholstery, so they’re waterproof. We use nylon bonded thread that cannot be broken by hand and reinforce the seams. All our canvas bags can be machine washed because fashion should be fun, but it should also feel effortless.

Tim’s mission is to fill your world with color. He uses computer software to tweak each pattern to perfection before bringing his vision to life. Eads’ apparel line follows the same process. Every Eads item is expertly crafted by hand in our Philadelphia, PA workshop. Our materials are ethically sourced and built to last. We have rigorous standards and a quality guarantee.

We fully support the Slow Fashion movement and are committed to using natural, sustainable materials that don’t deplete the world’s resources. Our designs are expressive and stylish, but never too trendy to fail the test of time. Our local artisans are paid fair wages and they’re just as passionate as Tim about upholding these ideals. We believe that we can make a difference. So can you.

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