Essential tote for life and large knit projects

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This is the everyday essential that you’ll never want to let out of your sight. And how could you? This lightweight canvas tote features sturdy woven straps and reinforced seams. Less structured than my other bags, the essential tote is designed to fit comfortably close and the magnetic closure keeps your stuff safe and sound. Toss in your phone, tablet, lipstick, snacks.

This knit bag features my unique interchangeable grommet/snap system. This system allows you to begin in one bag and switch as your project grows or put down a work-in-progress and start something new.

Details: 10 oz. lightweight 100% cotton canvas, unlined, magnetic clasp, woven straps.
Size: 16”x3”x16”

Please note: The monoprint option for this bag varies in the pattern seen here. Each one is unique.

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