An easy to carry, fun backpack for quick trips to the market, city or gym. Sits flat on your back so it’s not bulky and lightweight on your back so you don’t feel like your carrying a heavy load before you get started. It also has the option of my grommet snap system for knitting

About the knitting grommet system:

Other bags have fixed systems, so you’re stuck with it unless you finish or cut the yarn. My system allows you to begin in one bag and switch as your project grows or put down a work-in-progress and start something new.  Crafty never looked so good.

Details: 10 oz. lightweight 100% cotton canvas, zipper closure and soft cotton adjustable straps.

Size: 16”x 15” x 4”

Sustainably made in the USA.

Care Instructions: Spot clean when possible. Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.


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